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Press: The Man In The High Castle takes the top spot as most popular digital series in the US

Amazon is picking up steam. The Man In The High Castle and The Grand Tour, both on Amazon are in the lead. Here are the full insights from Parrot Analytics.

For December 29, 2016 – January 4, 2017 – Top 5 Digital Original Series in the US and Average Demand Expressions™:
The Man In The High Castle, Netflix: 18,287,243
The Grand Tour, Netflix: 15,396,884
Stranger Things, Netflix: 14,620,216
Travelers, Netflix: 14,226,082
Marvel’s Luke Cage, Netflix: 8,423,077
Insights from Parrot:

• Over the holidays, Amazon Video titles did quite well, ranking first and second by average popularity. The Man in the High Castle, whose second season was released on December 16th, had about 19% more demand than The Grand Tour, which is still airing new episodes weekly.

• Though both Amazon series released new content recently, they still had only about 5% more demand than Netflix’s summer hit Stranger Things, which has remained solidly among the top digital originals six months after its premiere. Its demand may be high over the past few weeks because it was nominated for several Golden Globes, which will be announced on January 8th.

• A new science fiction series, Travelers, premiered on Netflix on December 23rd with only 2% less popularity than Stranger Things. In contrast, the older title Luke Cage had 40% less than Amazon’s science fiction series, but has remained in the top five due to its steady, high demand.

Press: ‘The Man In the High Castle’ Renewed For Season 3 By Amazon, Gets A Showrunner

Amazon has ordered a third season of its original drama series The Man in the High Castle. Eric Overmyer, who developed for television and has executive produced Amazon’s popular drama series Bosch, has come on board as executive producer and showrunner for Season 3.

Overmyer fills the void left by the sudden departure of The Man in the High Castle developer/executive producer/showrunner Frank Spotnitz in the middle of production on Season 2 after reported clashes with the streaming service. There was no immediate replacement for Spotnitz at the time, with the existing producing team taking over his responsibilities.

After breaking streaming records for Amazon in Season 1, the second season of The Man in the High Castle premiered with the most viewers over its debut weekend of all scripted Amazon Original Series, according to the network.

“As timely as ever, the exploration of characters at a dark point for humanity has provided incredible stories for two seasons,” said Joe Lewis, Head of Comedy and Drama, Amazon Studios. “Eric and his team are doing an incredible job crafting stories about the inner lives of those who struggle to do good in a world that is not.”

Based on Philip K. Dick’s Hugo Award-winning 1962 alternate history novel, season two of The Man in the High Castle, released on Dec. 16, continues to explore what would have happened if the Allied Powers had lost World War II. While Germany controls much of the East Coast and Japan controls the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains have become a “neutral zone”—and ground zero for a resistance, led by a mysterious figure known only as “the Man in the High Castle.”

The Man in the High Castle stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Joel De La Fuente, Brennan Brown, Bella Heathcote, and Callum Keith Rennie, with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Rufus Sewell. Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Richard Heus, Isa Dick Hackett and Daniel Percival serve as executive producers for Season 3 alongside Overmyer.

Overmyer’s series credits also include St. Elsewhere, Homicide: Life on the Street, Law & Order, The Wire, New Amsterdam and Treme, which he co-created with David Simon. With his colleagues, he has shared a WGA award and an Edgar award for The Wire, and a Peabody award and a PEN teleplay award for Treme.

News/Press: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Nominated for a Satellite Award!

The Satellite Awards released their list of award nominees and our favorite series made the list!

Television Series
Game of Thrones – HBO
Outlander – Starz
The Walking Dead – AMC
Westworld – HBO
The Man in the High Castle – Amazon
Stranger Things – Netflix
Orphan Black – BBC America
Black Mirror – Netflix

Press: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 2 Spoilers: What We Know So Far About The Release Date, Plot, Cast

As fans continue to hope for more “The Man in the High Castle” season 2 spoilers, we gathered the details that we know so far before it premieres anytime this year.

What kind of plot that the show is developing for its second season? While the previous season focused on what happened in the 1960s, would the second instalment continue to develop it further for its storyline?

As narrated by the show’s executive producer Frank Spotnitz to Den of Geek, the upcoming episodes would be talking beyond the world of the Third Reich or Pacific States.

“There are glimpses of what’s going on with the rest of the planet in the first season,”Spotnitz teased about “The Man in the Castle” season 2 spoilers which fan may anticipate.

“There are so many issues to explore and it is science fiction so the reason to tell the story is to reflect back on the world we live in right now,” he added.

However, with his recent decision to step down as showrunner, fans do not have yet the idea if the plot he was suggesting will be adopted.

When it comes to its cast, the production has been mum about it, except for one “The Man in the Castle” season 2 report claiming that Sebastian Roche has been taken in for a recurring role. As with Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, and Rufus Sewell who portrays the role of Obergruppenführer John Smith, there has been no confirmation yet about their return.

As to the show’s release date, the Internet remains quiet. Outer Places, on the other hand, revealed that the most-streamed series from Amazon will be part of this year’s Comic-Con.

Considering this, fans can already have a clearer glimpse of more “The Main in the Castle” season 2 spoilers, especially those about the cast and official release date.

Press/Video: The Man In The High Castle Season 2 Trailer

The Man in the High Castle is picking up the pace.

In the exclusive first trailer for season 2 of Amazon’s alternate history thriller, a drummer sets a new beat for the series as heroes and villains alike wind up scattered in different directions following the chaos of season 1. A glimpse of Juliana (Alexa Davalos) finds her being interrogated about “the film” before falling out of a vehicle, shots of Tagomi (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa) show him lighting incense (possibly to return to that alternate alternate reality he found himself in?), and others, like Frank (Rupert Evans) and Joe (Luke Kleintank), are seen once again being caught in the crosshairs of the world after the Nazis won.

Watch the video above. The Man in the High Castle returns in 2016 on Amazon.

Press: ‘The Man in the High Castle’ season 2 spoilers: Details to be shared at San Diego Comic Con

“The Man in the High Castle,” loosely based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, ended with a sudden cliffhanger when Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) used Juliana’s (Alexa Davalos) charm and mysteriously warped to an alternate 1962 where the Allied forces and not the Axis Powers won in World War II, basically coming to this reality.

Very little about season 2 has been shared ever since the first season ended and a large reason for this is the sudden departure of season 1 showrunner Frank Spotnitz from the show. Spotnitz will remain as an executive producer and no replacement was sought as the other producers will step in collaboratively to guide season 2’s direction.

Despite this, the official schedule for this year’s San Diego Comic Con reveals that there will be a panel held on Wednesday, July 20 and will have Philip K. Dick’s daughter Isa Dick Hackett on board. Hackett also serves as an executive producer for the series.

Although unconfirmed, the stars of the show are also expected to appear for the panel. Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa are some of the most anticipated stars to appear given how events took place in the season 1 finale.

Fans speculate that Hackett and the rest of the panel will reveal a few spoilers for season 2, such as how the season will depict the events taking place in the show’s “prime” reality, where America lost to Germany and Japan, and the “alternate” world that Tagomi finds himself in, the world where the US won against the Axis Powers in World War II.

Although it is not yet confirmed, a teaser trailer for “The Man in the High Castle” season 2 is also likely going to be released, giving fans their first look at the show and a deeper understanding of where the story is going. An official premiere date is also likely to be announced given that the series had been on hiatus due to the departure of Spotnitz.

News: Amazon Renews ‘The Man in the High Castle’ For Second Season

Amazon is high on The Man in the High Castle.

The streamer has renewed the dystopian drama for a 10-episode second season less than a month after the first season’s premiere.

Man in the High Castle, an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, presents an alternate history where the United States has lost World War II. Set in the 1960s, the West Coast is occupied by Imperial Japan and the East Coast is controlled by Nazi Germany. The series, which is written by Frank Spotnitz (X-Files), stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Rufus Sewell and Joel de la Fuente. Spotnitz, Ridley Scott and Dick’s daughter, Isa Dick Hackett executive produce.

The pilot for Man in the High Castle was the most-watched pilot in Amazon history, studio chief Roy Price said in February when announcing the pickup of the series. The 10-episode first season premiered in full to Amazon Prime members on Nov. 20.

Amazon came under fire in November after it wrapped the seats on a New York City 42nd Street shuttle train in symbols of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The ads were ultimately removed in late November.

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