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Press: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 2 Spoilers: What We Know So Far About The Release Date, Plot, Cast

As fans continue to hope for more “The Man in the High Castle” season 2 spoilers, we gathered the details that we know so far before it premieres anytime this year.

What kind of plot that the show is developing for its second season? While the previous season focused on what happened in the 1960s, would the second instalment continue to develop it further for its storyline?

As narrated by the show’s executive producer Frank Spotnitz to Den of Geek, the upcoming episodes would be talking beyond the world of the Third Reich or Pacific States.

“There are glimpses of what’s going on with the rest of the planet in the first season,”Spotnitz teased about “The Man in the Castle” season 2 spoilers which fan may anticipate.

“There are so many issues to explore and it is science fiction so the reason to tell the story is to reflect back on the world we live in right now,” he added.

However, with his recent decision to step down as showrunner, fans do not have yet the idea if the plot he was suggesting will be adopted.

When it comes to its cast, the production has been mum about it, except for one “The Man in the Castle” season 2 report claiming that Sebastian Roche has been taken in for a recurring role. As with Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, and Rufus Sewell who portrays the role of Obergruppenführer John Smith, there has been no confirmation yet about their return.

As to the show’s release date, the Internet remains quiet. Outer Places, on the other hand, revealed that the most-streamed series from Amazon will be part of this year’s Comic-Con.

Considering this, fans can already have a clearer glimpse of more “The Main in the Castle” season 2 spoilers, especially those about the cast and official release date.

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Press/Video: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 2 Sneak Peek Intro’d By Ridley Scott – Comic-Con

Amazon has been going all-out for the two series it’s showcasing at Comic-Con this year, first with an Amazon Village installation downtown and now with today’s panels for Thunderbirds Are Go and Man In The High Castle. The latter, the alt-history drama based on the Philip K Dick novel, held its session this afternoon in Room 6A and teased Season 2 — though they did not drop the premiere date.

Ridley Scott did the honors for whetting the appetite, with the executive producer appearing at the beginning of the video to intro a clip of Alexa Davalos’ Juliana Crane escaping a perilous car chase that features cast newcomer Callum Keith Rennie (check out the video above).

Executive producer Isa Dick Hackett, David Zucker and Dan Percival were on the panel moderated by Deadline’s Dominic Patten along with cast members Davalos, DJ Qualls, Luke Kleintank, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rupert Evans, Bella Heathcote and Rufus Sewell.

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Photos: San Diego Comic Con – Master Post

Hey guys! Alexa and the cast of Man in the High Castle are at San Diego Comic Con promoting season 2 of the series. I’m so excited!! Anyhow I’ve added photos to the gallery throughout the weekend and this is the master post for images. Thanks to my friend AliKat for some of these.

July 21 – San Diego Comic Conimages from red carpet, signings, interview room, etc.
July 21 – San Diego Comic Con: Panelimages from ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Panel.
July 21 – San Diego Comic Con: IMDBimages of the cast at the IMDB Boat.
July 21 – San Diego Comic Con: Sirius XMimages of the cast at Sirius XM Studios.
July 21 – San Diego Comic Con: Portraitsportraits from SDCC.
July 21 – San Diego Comic Con: Portraits – Behind the Scenesportraits from SDCC.
July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: Press Conferenceimages from ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Press Conference.


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Press/Video: The Man In The High Castle Season 2 Trailer

The Man in the High Castle is picking up the pace.

In the exclusive first trailer for season 2 of Amazon’s alternate history thriller, a drummer sets a new beat for the series as heroes and villains alike wind up scattered in different directions following the chaos of season 1. A glimpse of Juliana (Alexa Davalos) finds her being interrogated about “the film” before falling out of a vehicle, shots of Tagomi (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa) show him lighting incense (possibly to return to that alternate alternate reality he found himself in?), and others, like Frank (Rupert Evans) and Joe (Luke Kleintank), are seen once again being caught in the crosshairs of the world after the Nazis won.

Watch the video above. The Man in the High Castle returns in 2016 on Amazon.

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Press: Man in the High Castle @ Comic-Con: ‘Chameleon’ Juliana, Tagomi’s Vision and a New ‘Sassy, Flirty Nazi’

The Man in the High Castle‘s behind-the-scenes intrigue — which rival its on-screen ones — didn’t even get a passing mention during the Amazon series’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday.

In May, showrunner Frank Spotnitz abruptly exited the drama amid a difference of opinion with Amazon regarding his involvement in Season 2. The Vancouver-shot drama quickly went into hiatus, with other members of the production team scrambling to fill the EP’s duties.

At the time, Amazon released this statement:

Given the ambition and scope of the series, the decision has been made to locate all creative efforts on The Man in the High Castle to the west coast; Frank Spotnitz will remain as an executive producer and step back from showrunner. His responsibilities will be managed by our deep and talented bench of producers. We are enormously grateful to him for bringing our customers on one of the most watched original shows on Amazon Video and we are excited about the team’s vision for Season 2.

The Comic-Con panel was the first time, aside from some brief, positive remarks Spotnitz made about the show made at a For Your Consideration Emmy event in Hollywood later in May, the cast and production team had an opportunity to discuss what had happened. But the topic didn’t come up.

Instead, executive producers Isa Dick Hackett, David Zucker and Dan Percival, as well as cast members Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Bella Heathcote, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Rufus Sewell took part in a discussion that stuck to previewing the drama’s upcoming second season. A few highlights:

* The series will continue to use Philip K. Dick’s novel as a “spiritual guide,” Dick said, and some content not tackled in Season 1 will show up in coming episodes. Also: “I can say we will meet the Man in the High Castle this season,” she said.

* The Man in the High Castle is currently shooting Episode 7 of 10 in Vancouver.

* When asked for an update on where her character, Juliana Crain, is in what the series is currently shooting, Davalos said, “She’s having to be a chameleon in order to survive.” When pressed, the actress said that the reluctant rebel finds herself in “seriously compromising circumstances” and added, “She’s in a very surprising place at the moment… things have taken a turn.”

* A sneak peek of an upcoming episode showed Juliana escaping from the trunk of a moving vehicle, then dodging bullets as she tried to make her way to safety.

* How about that season-ending scene in which Tagomi appeared to shift into the timeline that we know? “It will be answered more thoroughly in the second season,” Tagawa promised. And in case you needed a little more clarity, Hackett added: “Tagomi did not have a dream at the end of that last episode.”

* A common question regarding the series’ first season — what’s going on in other parts of the world? — will be addressed in Season 2, but just a little. Percival noted that the action will travel to Berlin, where we’ll meet Heathcote’s character; a plan to explore a North Africa storyline was nixed because the EPs wanted to be more “methodical” with the pace of the narrative, the EP said, and take more time in the drama’s current landscape.

* Heathcote described Nicole, her character, as “a bit of a sassy, flirty Nazi” who doesn’t necessarily espouse her parents’ principles.